Affity Solutions

" We are as smart as scientist and as creative as artist "

Team Affity is a bunch of roses who just vary in colours but smells all the same. We are self-motivated and fast learning people. We learn and learn daily playing with design, strategies and technologies.

Affity Solutions has a reputation as a quality provider of web and mobile based development services. We realise that in today's expanding and varied marketplace, no single solution meets all business needs. The key, therefore, is to understand the precise requirement of each business context and to leverage technology and experience to address the specific requirements of each customer. This translates into a dedicated process-based approach for each of our tasks.

We understand that by itself, technology isn't a driver of change. Unless coupled with and subject to evolving business needs, technology tends to get more in the way than become an asset. Affity Solutions was formed with the overarching goal to enable business requirements to drive innovation. This is why it has been a guiding principle for all our business-specific initiatives to start off by considering the business goals behind each innovation.

We consistently invigorate our skill set and technical expertise, and work with a high level of integrity. Our keen eye on emerging trends of online business as well as technical spheres has enabled us to provide the most innovative solutions. Persistent development is the key driver of Affity Solutions, be it in terms of infrastructure, skill set or technology. Our Team is fully committed to providing real value for the money and has earned a reputation of providing quality solutions at the right price.

Affity Solutions is expanding and looking to take on larger and more challenging projects. Whether it is software development, project management or a pure IT-expertise-based consulting requirement, you will find that we have the skill set and experience required to meet your specific needs.

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